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The mibudget software is a Blackberry® Smartphone Application for personal or business use. It is expense tracking software designed to help you budget, track, and possibly help you control your monthly personal or business expenses. The mibudget software provides the ability to group your expenses into categories and sub-categories, and lets you set a budget, and track expenses at the category / sub-category level. You can easily see how much money you have to spend on a current month or where you have over-spent. You can add and view recurring payments. It doesn’t matter if you are a visual or an analytical person, because this application caters to both! The beautiful icons, bar graphs and pie charts are a bonus everyone can use! This app also allows you to export your full budget by email to your personal computer in a CSV Microsoft® Excel File format.

For information on the most recent list of compatible Blackberry® Smartphone view our application information on App World.

Download our user manual for detailed instructions: User Document

Note: If you can't buy our app from Blackberry App World go to our other store front to get it. Click here to get it!

Here are some screen shots to give you just a taste of what mibudget is all about.